A New “Investment”

Here’s the “investment:”

You invest less than three minutes of your time each month. The return is “My Two Cents” – my new financial commentary.

Hopefully, the short read informs you and helps you to make sound financial decisions. In addition, my goal is to increase transparency around my approach to financial planning. With nearly a decade of financial planning experience, I plan to share the most useful concepts and principles I have learned.

Most importantly, the intention of the commentary is not to provide blanket financial advice; that would be irresponsible. Responsible advice factors in age, goals, risk tolerance, timeframe, and your specific situation. Rather, the intention is to arm you with knowledge and foundational principles to enhance decision making – whether you are a new parent, a business owner, a recent college grad, a retiree, a high net worth individual, or just a curious person.

I know your time is extremely valuable. With this in mind, each commentary will be no longer than 500 words. A quick Google search reveals that the average person reads 200 words per minute. My hope is to easily hit a sub 3-minute target. I am excited about this endeavor and thank you in advance for investing your time with us.


The information provided is general and intended to inform and educate. It is not intended as an offering of any specific products or services, nor to be construed as specific investment, legal or tax advice.

Individual situations can vary, as such; this information should only be relied upon along with an individual assessment in light of your own specific situation.