Our Firm

Services Offered

  • Wealth Accumulation Strategies
  • Social Security Education, Planning, and Optimization Strategies
  • Retirement Planning
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Asset Management1, Investment Planning1, Separately Managed Accounts1, Mutual Funds2
  • Estate Planning
  • College and Education Planning
  • Pension Maximization
  • Variable Annuities2, Fixed Annuities3, Income Annuities3
  • Life Insurance and Health Insurance4
  • Long Term Care Insurance and Disability Insurance4
  • Planning strategies for an extended care event
  • Tax Diversification5
  • Strategies for Efficiency in Retirement Distribution Phase

Our Mission

"Our sole purpose is to Protect, Manage, and Accumulate your family's wealth."

Our mission is to provide business owners, doctors, and other professionals with an all-encompassing financial plan to help steer them through complexities that come about from their own success. Our primary focus is business and retirement planning. We have a strong passion for financial planning, putting an emphasis on ongoing service, ongoing client education, and offering independent advice. With six years of experience in financial services, we highly appreciate the long term relationships we have developed with our clients and continuously strive to find ways to add value to their overall financial situation.

Client Support and Service

Nick strives to build trustworthy, long lasting relationships with his clients. In doing so, he puts an emphasis on providing clients with independent financial advice and providing as much education as needed so that his clients can make sound, educated financial decisions. The goal is to position himself as the most valuable financial resource for his clients to turn to, regardless of market conditions.

Nick works closely with clients to help clarify and prioritize their financial goals. He seeks to give his clients a clear picture of their overall financial situation, tying together the various pieces of their financial portfolio: i.e. pensions, 401(k), future social security income, estate planning documents, insurance, and investment accounts2. He then quarterbacks his client’s overall financial strategy by working together with accountants, attorneys, and human resources representatives. Working with these other professionals allows him to align all moving parts in order to best execute each client's unique plan. His analysis and tailored solutions are organized into a high-level plan, which is documented in a clear presentation and given to clients to keep for reference in both hard copy and electronic copy on his wealth manager platform. The wealth manager is an online and mobile friendly database for clients to track their accounts, financial well being, and financial plan. This process helps to ensure accountability and an ongoing service that surpasses clients’ expectations.

In addition to working with Eagle Strategies LLC’s Affluent Market team of professionals, he has developed strong relationships with independent CPAs and attorneys to complement his resources. By having these other professionals available, Nick intends to bring more value to his clients.

Nick primarily works with business owners, young professionals, families, pre-retirees, and retirees. When working with small business owners, in addition to the services mentioned above, Nick focuses on succession planning and exit strategy for retirement.

Nick’s goal is to guide his clients toward their financial goals, while helping to give them peace of mind and confidence throughout the process. His Six Step Process is:

1) RIGHT FIT MEETING: Initial conversation to help ensure that Nick is a good fit for a prospective client
2) PAPERWORK APPOINTMENT: Information Gathering Session (Client Goals, Current Financial Status, Financial Statements)
3) STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT: Information Analysis and Development of Financial Plan
4) PRESENTATION APPOINTMENT: Presentation of Financial Plan
5) PLAN EXECUTION: Implementation of the Plan
6) ACCOUNTABILITY STAGE: Periodic Reviews and Accountability Sessions to maintain and update the plan. Annual/Semi-Annual meetings and monthly communications foster his ongoing client relationships

Client Impact

Successful business owners and other professionals with families value Nick’s work the most. They have complicated financial situations with little time to devote to them. They appreciate that Nick and his team are able to pull all the pieces together for them, implement a plan, and monitor the plan for them while keeping them involved through reviews and the wealth manager platform.

Nick believes that building strong, lasting relationships begins by building trust and being an educational resource for clients when it comes to financial planning1.

He strives to get his clients excited about the process and encourages clients to ask questions in order to have them engaged in the development and implementation of the plan.


Most Gratifying Aspects of Being a Financial Advisor

Nick truly enjoys his role in seeking to provide clients with financial peace of mind and financial success. Working continuously with different client goals and providing analysis for unique client situations keeps the job exciting and fulfilling.

He finds it gratifying when he sees clients value his knowledge and advice, as well as when he sees clients learning and getting excited about the process.

However, most gratifying of all is watching his clients grow, gaining the financial knowledge they need to help them become confident and successful investors.

Financial Strategy from Nicholas Silva

In order to achieve financial success, we believe it is most important to establish and prioritize your financial goals, envision achieving them, and hold yourself and team of professionals accountable to implement the appropriate plan.


1 Nicholas A. Silva is separately registered as an investment advisor representative, offering investment advisory services through Eagle Strategies LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor in the states of MA and NH.

2 Nicholas Silva is a Registered Representative of and offers securities through NYLIFE Securities LLC (member FINRA/SIPC), A Licensed Insurance Agency.

3 Issued by New York Life Insurance Company and New York Life Insurance and Annuity Corporation.

4Products available through one or more carriers not affiliated with New York Life Insurance Company; dependent on carrier authorization and product availability in your state or locality.

5 Neither Eagle Strategies LLC or any of its affiliates, employees or Financial Advisors, nor Nicholas A. Silva or staff provides tax, legal, or accounting advice. Please consult your own tax, legal, or accounting professional before making any decisions.